Tonic Talkshow and Magazine Publisher Jamie Bussin hosts an engaging and evocative radio show and podcast that explores healthy living with leading experts. Recently he sat down with Mitchell Abrahams, President and CEO of the development firm The Benvenuto Group, to talk about some emerging trends in rental living.


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January 20, 2018

In this first interview, Mitchell talks about the importance of sustainability in the building of new apartments and condominiums, from the exterior “shells” of the buildings to the individual suite systems and features, all with the goal of providing greater energy efficiency and a more comfortable, healthier living environment. Also discussed are the new high tech “smart” design features and conveniences that are becoming more and more prevalent in the building industry.


February 3, 2018

In this second interview, Mitchell touches on a number of the emerging trends in rental living. He covers the range of sizes in new apartments, ranging from “micro-suites” offering small pied-a-terres for today’s globe-trotting executives to 3 and 4 bedroom suites ideal for families; the changing nature of communites and the diminishing need for parking spaces in new buildings, given the accessibility to public transit and car-sharing services; and the increasing variety of building services and amenities being offered, geared to both aging residents and those running their own home based businesses.